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Represents: Deception, Debauchery & Indulgence, Folly
Satyrs are completely abandoned to their appetites, partaking of anything they desire and encouraging others to do the same. While they have a strong will, it is set on chasing their wants, reinforcing their depravity rather than keeping them from it. They breed their hedonism in the unwary through temptation and trickery. This excess and indulgence leads to eventual ruin for the participant, but Satyrs do their best to keep everyone's eyes on the thrill of the moment and the next thrill on the horizon.

Special Abilities

Satyrs can use their strength of will to protect themselves. Resolute Stability allows Satyrs to ignore Falter:1 each time Falter is applied to them. It also allows them to ignore one Defensive Hit being caused to them. Lastly, it reduces Wear related to Strikes received by 10%. 

Weapon Effects

Satyrs Strike violently with kicks and headbutts, Knocking Back their enemies and leaving them Exerted. 

Weapon Effect 

Standard Effect 

Passion Effect 

Kick & Headbutt

12 = Knock Back Target 1"

1 Exertion x Target's Tier

Spiritual Effects

Satyrs have the ability to use Spiritual Effects from the Oblige and Passion Families as well as some from the Rouse Family.

Oblige Family

Impel, Coerce, & Oblige versions. Elevate at Tier:4.

Rouse Family

Invigorate, Spurring Push, & Rouse versions. Dread Dragon Image at Tier:4.

Passion Family

Escalate Passion, Incite, & Inflame versions.


Satyrs have the ability to sing Songs from the Goat Family.

Goat Family

Goat for Azazel & Goat Call versions. Vessel of Wrath at Tier:4.


Satyrs are treated as Ministering Spirit-Minstrels and also have improved Resolve and Passion, receiving an additional 7 Resolve and Passion at 1st Domain, this increases to 21 at 2nd Domain, 40 at 3rd Domain, and 80 once becoming a Goat Beast.

Satyrs gain +2 Skill to Aim Interactions.

Size and Mutations

Satyrs fit the standard rules of Occupying Space for elohim. However, the height is of course skewed when not standing upright. Also, like all bestial elohim, Satyrs will gain varying Mutations when increasing in Tier.