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Advancing in Tier

Understanding Tier 

As holy elohim progress in Rank, they will eventually increase in Tier. For holy elohim, Tier refers to whether the elohim is 1st Heaven, 2nd Heaven, 3rd Heaven, or an Archangel. Fallen elohim instead associate themselves with the amount of Power and authority they have accumulated. Tier for a fallen elohim refers to whether the elohim is 1st Domain, 2nd Domain, 3rd Domain, or an Archangel. So, Tier:1 refers to 1st Heaven or 1st Domain. Tier:2 refers to 2nd Heaven or 2nd Domain. Tier:3 refers to 3rd Heaven or 4rd Domain. Tier:4 refers to an Archangel or Beast. Tier:0 refers only to Unclean Spirits. A consolidated guide for the benefits gained when advancing in Tier can be found in the Honor and Rank entry.

1st Heaven Elohim

Player characters begin the game at Rank:0. At this point they are considered 1st Heaven elohim. These are elohim that have just recently begun active service. For the purposes of story these characters were not among the elohim created with higher power from the beginning. Until this point, they have spent their time participating in the divine council and worshipping Elyon in word and song. Now they are embarking into a time of worshipping the Most High by ministering upon the earth as well. 1st Heaven elohim begin being quite weak relative to other elohim, but they gain potential for growth quickly.

As 1st Heaven elohim, most of their assignments will center around individuals or a family. As angelic ministering is closely linked to human prayer, 1st Heaven elohim are often sent to address situations to which smaller amounts of prayer have been offered.

1st Heaven elohim have one set of wings in the middle of their back. These wings can be folded back in formal settings to resemble a cape.

2nd Heaven Elohim

Upon reaching Rank:12, elohim are considered 2nd Heaven elohim. These elohim have received much Honor from Elyon and have grown in strength accordingly. While there are still many elohim who are stronger, 2nd Heaven elohim have a lot of experience to draw upon and hold a solid position of strength.

The faithful service of these elohim has lead to them being presented with greater causes to champion. Sometimes their duties will center around small villages, multiple families, or extended families. Once an elohim reaches 2nd Heaven, they may pursue the option to lead a Hold from which to command a small team of elohim and to serve as a safe base from which other elohim can venture forth to affect the nearby area. 

When promoted to 2nd Heaven, elohim can choose an Epic Blessing, gain increases to the Basic Attributes, Magnitude, and gain additional Maneuver Points, Spiritual Effects, and/or Songs as apply to their Order(s). 

As a visual sign, 2nd Heaven elohim are blessed with a second set of wings just under the first set. In formal settings these wings can be folded back underneath the first set to extend the cape giving it slight train that can brush the ground. When in Elyon’s presence, these wings are used to cover their body in humility.  

3rd Heaven Elohim

Upon reaching Rank:24 elohim are considered 3rd Heaven elohim. They have fought many battles and are now among the strongest within the heavenly host. The only elohim that exceed their strength are Archangels.

As elohim reach this point their assignments will generally shift more to entire cities or local areas. Once an elohim is 3rd Heaven and if they have a Foothold of at least Rank:12, they can potentially seek to improve their Foothold to a Stronghold. Strongholds can have a larger team assigned to them and provide an even safer staging point for other elohim’s missions.

When promoted to 3rd Heaven, elohim can choose a second Epic Blessing, gain increases to the Basic Attributes, Magnitude, and gain additional Maneuver Points, Spiritual Effects, and/or Songs as apply to their Order(s).

As a visual sign, 3rd Heaven elohim are again blessed with a third set of small wings that extend from between their neck and shoulders. When not in unfurled, these wings can be relaxed to lay down forward from on either side of the elohim's neck, making a thick mantle that complements the cape appearance given by the other two relaxed sets of wings. When in Elyon’s presence, these smaller wings are used to cover the elohim’s face in humility.


Upon reaching Rank:40 an elohim is promoted to carry the title of Archangel. Archangels are the absolute strongest among elohim.

Archangels are often responsible to watch over the affairs of entire regions or tribes. Once an elohim becomes an Archangel, if they previously commanded a Foothold or Stronghold, they will very likely hand the leadership of it over to the elohim below them. Instead, they may oversee that region or another region that may include multiple Footholds and/or Strongholds that they will protect and aid, but not directly command.

When promoted to Archangel, elohim can choose a third Epic Blessing gain increases to the Basic Attributes, Magnitude, and gain additional Maneuver Points, Spiritual Effects, and/or Songs as apply to their Order(s).

When becoming an Archangel, Warriors and Messengers gain 10 bonus Maneuver Mastery Points. Ministering Spirits gain bonus Spiritual Effects, learning three 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Heaven Spiritual Effects from different Families. Likewise, Minstrels gain bonus Songs, learning three 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Heaven Songs from different Families. As they progress, Archangel Warriors and Messengers can improve no more than 3 Maneuvers to a Mastery Level of 5. These can be learned one at Rank:40, a second at Rank:43, and a third at Rank:47. Similarly, Archangel Ministering Spirits and Minstrels can learn no more than 3 Archangel Spiritual Effects or Songs. Archangel level Spiritual Effects and Songs are incredibly powerful and the Ministering Spirit or Minstrel can only learn one at Rank:40, a second at Rank:43, and a third at Rank:47. The exception to any of the mentioned limits is through eating Scrolls.

Archangels receive no additional wings, but they produce an aura of light that displays their glory and splendor. If manifested in the material realm, their light would be enough to temporarily blind a human for some time. Other elohim will not be blinded, but will certainly feel the weight of their Magnitude when in proximity.