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Cherub (Ministering Spirit Discipline)

Cherubim are Ministering Spirits who have dedicated themselves to guarding and protecting sacred locations and objects, defending them from the defiling touch of sin.

  • Allotments for Instrument Family reduced to 24, 40, & 80 

  • +2 Composure vs. Aim Social Interactions

  • add one level of holy Area Influence

    • does not stack with multiple Cherubim

    • negated by a Defiler of higher Tier

  • will not Conceal their Glory

Cherubim more easily use the Spiritual Effects in the Instrument Family. The Allotments of these Spiritual Effects are reduced to 24 for Tier:1 versions, 48 for Tier:2, and 80 for Tier:3.

Cherubim are not easily redirected and have +2 Composure against Aiming Social Interactions. 

The presence of a Cherub raises the Area Influence in their area by 1 level in favor of good. This is a general effect and does not stack with the presence of multiple Cherubim. This effect is also negated by the presence of a Defiler of a higher Tier.

Once becoming a Cherub, the elohim will dedicate themselves more to their duty of protection and invest. A Cherub will no longer spend Ranks progressing in the Intercession Family. A Cherub can still use Spiritual Effects in the Intercession Family they had already learned and may learn them by eating scrolls. 


Cherubim are generally intended for their presence to be known and respected. A Cherub will not choose to Conceal their Glory.