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Multi-Order Elohim

Multi-Order elohim embody blended purposes. They are

Multi-Order elohim gain skills from each of their Orders. This is a great advantage, but also limits the depth to which they can develop in each Order. Multi-Order elohim will never be as strong as a Single-Order elohim can be in their greatest strengths.


Dual-Order elohim are the most common Multi-Order elohim. They are also the easiest to understand and to play. Dual-Order elohim have the option to join a Discipline, but they don't have the number of options available to Single-Order elohim.

Dual-Ordered elohim are referred to by hyphenating the two Orders as in, "Lahabiel is a Warrior-Minstrel."



The perfect blend of power and control. Unite the Warrior’s strength and durability with the Messenger’s self-control and keen perception. Choose your martial maneuvers to fit the moment. Dominate your foes or skillfully evade unnecessary conflicts finding the greatest honor in completing your assigned mission.

W-Me Discipline: Field Commander

Warrior-Ministering Spirit


An unyielding mountain of unfaltering strength. Harness the Warrior’s martial mastery and unlock the Ministering Spirit’s protective Spiritual Effects. Manifest and wield powerful spiritual weapons, enhanced by the Ministering Spirit’s unshakable strength of will.

W-Me Discipline: King Priest


W-Mi Discipline: Shepherd

Messenger-Ministering Spirit

Me-MS Discipline: Preserver


Me-Mi Discipline: Herald

Ministering Spirit-Minstrel

MS-Mi Discipline: Intercessor


Tri-Order elohim are not at all common and are quite complex to understand and play effectively. Elohim that encompass three Orders will have one Order that is more dominant compared to the other two when it comes to Order specific development, but their Basic Attribute values will be more strongly affected by the combined weight of the other two Orders. Which Order is dominant depends on which three Orders are included. Imagine a compass with each direction corresponding to an Order:

  • North is the Messenger
  • East is the Warrior
  • South is the Minstrel
  • West is the Ministering Spirit

The dominant Order is the Order directly opposite in the compass from the Order that is not included.

Tri-Order elohim are referred to by emphasizing the dominant Order as in, "Barekiah is a Tri-Messenger." 

Tri-Order elohim do not have any options of Disciplines to join. This is in equal part due to their rarity and to the complexity of the challenge they already face in balancing and developing in their combined purposes.


Quad-Order elohim are equally as rare as their Tri-Order brothers. They can do a little of everything, but will not master and grow in their Order specific abilities quickly due their split focus. For the same reasons as their Tri-Order brothers, they do not have the option to join a Discipline.

Quad-Order elohim are referred to simply as such, Quad-Order or Quad.

Multi-Order Appearance

Because elohim choose their appearance, Multi-Order elohim can appear in a variety of ways depending on the situation and their preference. There are three basic ways in which they will express their different Orders.

In more formal settings, such as in an audience with the Most High, Multi-Order may display a multi-faced appearance. This clearly and openly displays the entirety of their purposes they embody. The faces will relate to one another using the cardinal directions, but the faces will not always face their assigned direction. For example, if you are standing to the West of a Messenger-Minstrel, the elohim will not refuse to face you in order to keep their eagle face North and their Human face South. Such is most practical for a Quad, but is not required for them either.

A common option is for the Multi-Order elohim to display a face with mixed features. There are no specific expectations on which features should be favored for each Order. It is truly up to the character. You could use the horns from the Ministering Spirit or the beak from the Messenger, or you could adopt some other features such a longer face shape for the Ox or the more feathery texture to replace fur or hair.

Another option among Multi-Order elohim is to display a dynamic facial appearance. In this case, the facial features shift depending on the current activity or mood of the elohim. For example, when healing an ally the character would look Ox-like, but when that same character manifests a bow to fire at an enemy their face may shift to Eagle-like features. With dynamic facial appearance elohim will still have no trouble identifying them as the same character. Subtle identifying features and qualities are assumed to remain through the transitions. The same is true if the character were to switch to multi-faced or mixed features.