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Herald (Messenger/Minstrel Discipline)

Heralds are Messenger/Minstrels who sing their Songs to bring the truth of the Most High to humans and elohim alike. They may sing to sway the mood of a gathering or may travel throughout an entire town influencing the atmosphere and attitude with their Songs of praise and reverence, or judgment and truth. While they most often focus on affecting larger groups, they will also sometimes deliver a rebuke to a deserving individual. Due to their group focus, Heralds reduce the combined Magnitude by 1 per Target when Targeting multiple elohim with a Social Interaction.

Heralds sing Songs from the Fear, Rebuke, and Verity Families with increased effect. Their Range for Songs in these Families is extended by 3" and they gain 1 Adjustment to any Resist Checks against these Songs. They will not sing Songs from the Flame, Sleep, or Strike Families. They avoid the Sleep Family because they want their foes to be alert to hear their message. They avoid the Flame Family as they prefer to affront evil with the Most High's truth rather than the more direct, fiery Passion that Family evokes. The Strike Family is also more direct than they prefer to be.

Heralds will only use a Staff Weapon Effect. While it is the case that the Sword in part represents using truth as a weapon, the Staff better reflects the Herald’s purpose of being an ambassador of truth on behalf of the Most High.