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Evangel (Messenger Discipline)

Evangels are Messengers who are dedicated to delivering messages to humans or other elohim. The messages they deliver are not general, purely pragmatic messages. Specifically, Evangels deliver messages from Elyon intended to inspire. They might inspire hope, faith, encouragement, strengthening, belief, appropriate fear, or whatever Elyon wants the person to receive. 

  • Increase Resolve & Passion of all within 7" equal to 1/7th of Evangel's Natural Passion (including Evangel)

    • also Restores this amount once each Cycle if within 7" of Evangel (including Evangel)

    • Increase lasts for up to 1 Hour after leaving 7" of Evangel

  • +2 Skill to all social Social Interactions

  • in special cases Doubles Resolve, Passion, or both of specific Target(s) for 3 Days 

The mode Evangels use to deliver their messages varies. Sometimes they will manifest in the natural and appear directly to a person. Sometimes they will simply whisper to the spirit of an individual, which comes across similar to a thought that the person knows is not their own. Sometimes they will give a vision or a dream of specific and meaningful design. The mode is usually determined by Elyon, but occasionally the Evangel can use their own discretion in how they delivers the message. Evangels are master communicators and gain 2 Skill to all social Social Interactions. 

Evangels are very passionate and their Passion is encouraging to all who encounter them. Even the Evangel themself gets caught up in the excitement. Any ally who has come within 7” of an Evangel (including the Evangel himself) gains an Increase to their Resolve and Passion equal to 1/7th of the Evangel's Natural Passion value. This Increase lasts for one Hour after leaving that proximity. While allies are within 7” this effect also restores an amount equal to the Increase once each Cycle if the Attribute has suffered Wear. This Increase stacks among fellow Evangels, but all others receive the highest of the Increases while their Durations overlap.

Anyone to whom an Evangel has given a specific message from Elyon will have their Natural Resolve, Passion, or both doubled depending on the nature of the message. This bonus lasts for 3 days. 


Being that Evangels function as direct representatives of Elyon, the only Weapon Effect they will use is a Staff.