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Seraph (Minstrel Discipline)

Seraphim are Minstrels who are ambassadors of the Most High's purifying presence. They are so consumed by his presence that they are constantly enveloped in flame. When others are exposed to their purifying flame, what is impure is consumed. For unholy elohim, this is severely dangerous because such testing shows them to be lacking of anything pure.

When a Seraph sings a Flame Family Song with the maximum amount of Passion invested into it, special effects are applied. If the Song is Wearing or Resistible, 12s in the Resist Check roll only produce one Pass and 1s provide an additional Fail. If the Song increases the Passion of their allies, that Passion bonus is increased by 50%. With Flaming Sword, the Passion Effect triggers one additional time (and always at least once) up to four triggers (including the bonus triggering). 


Seraphim, will not sing Songs from the Sleep or Strike Families. Additionally, Seraphim will not manifest weapons except when they are singing a Flaming Sword version. If they are Striking with Self as a Weapon Effect, they have no Standard Effect and their Passion Effect causes WearR equal to their SPP Attribute.