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Guardian (Warrior Discipline)

Guardians are Warriors who have chosen to dedicate themselves to the protection of others. Sometimes they are assigned to guard a human and sometimes they are assigned to guard another elohim. In any instance where they are not assigned to guard a specific Target, they are free to select whomever they wish to guard. Regardless, however, they will seek to guard someone else unless they have good reason not to do so. 

  • Defending Ally gains 1 Adjustment when being Struck if Guardian is within Melee Range of Striker or Defender

    • +1 additional Adjustment if Guardian is higher Tier than Striker

    • Guardian can become Target of Melee Strike instead, without Defensive Stance, if Guardian is within Melee Range of both 

  • Guardian & Allies within Melee Range are immune to negative Melee Influence

  • Guardian can become Ranged Strike Target for others without Defensive Stance

  • Guardian can become Target of Spiritual Effects & Songs for allies within Melee Range

  • Guardian gains 1 Adjustment to all Resist Checks

    • +1 additional Adjustment for each Resist Check prior within the same Cycle

If a Guardian is within 3” of an ally being Struck or an enemy Striking an ally in Melee, they may cause the guarded ally to have +1 Adjustment to the Strike. If the Guardian is a higher Tier than the Striker, this effect is increased to +2 Adjustments. Alternatively, if the Guardian is within 3” of both the Striking enemy and the ally, the Guardian may choose to become the Target of any Melee Strike made by the enemy on the ally. This is similar to rules when being in Defensive Stance, but Defensive Stance is not required, and no Control Check is needed. Guardians moving toward an ally with intent to guard can move unhindered by Defensive Stance. If doing so beyond the 2” normally allowed to all Warriors, the Guardian may only use Parry, Disarm, Shield Bash, or Deflect Ranged that Activation. Also, Guardians and those allies that are within 3” of them do not suffer from negative Melee Influence. 

Guardians may become the Target of Ranged Strikes that come from within a 90° cone centered directly away from the intended Target of the Strike. This follows the same rules as when this is done while in Defensive Stance, however, the Guardian is not required to be in Defensive Stance to accomplish this effect. 

Finally, the Guardian can take all Spiritual Effects and Songs that would affect a guarded ally within 3” of the Guardian onto themself. Guardians get +1 Adjustment to their Resist Check and then an additional, progressively accumulated +1 Adjustment for each successive Spiritual Effect and Song Resisted (so a Song that affects both the Guardian and the guarded ally will affect the Guardian twice instead). The progressive bonus resets each Cycle (regardless of when the Guardian acts in that Cycle). Those using the affected Spiritual Effects and Songs can choose the order in which simultaneous effects are rolled. 

While a Guardian may extend their protection to humans in the material realm, it is not usually reasonable for the Guardian to become the Target of Strikes targeting them. For this reason, the Guardian must often be creative when guarding humans. 


As a result of their focus on defense, Guardians may only employ a Shield Bearing Fighting Style and will not use Axe or Bow Weapon Effects.