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Judge (Ministering Spirit Discipline)

While Ministering Spirits do have an abundance of compassion, they are also highly motivated by their reverence for the Elyon’s righteousness. Judges are Ministering Spirits who have dedicated themselves to be instruments of the Elyon’s righteous judgment. Any who openly defy the Elyon by sowing injustice and disharmony into the created order are likely to someday find themselves the recipient of a Judge's Passionate rebuke as they come to administer justice, by defeating the rebels and setting things right. Judges gain 2 Skill to Subdue Enemy Interactions.

Judges have an additional “12” Effect of dealing WearP equal to 1/7th of the Judge’s Passion (as long as there are Hits, regardless of Stops). When using Stirred Passion to affect themselves, the Judge pays the higher Resolve Cost for all Targets, but the Judge's maximum increase is twice the normal maximum. The first trigger of the Passion Effect for Gavel of Judgment and Holy Hammer add 2 Exertion to the Target rather than 1. 

Judges will always seek to have the most powerful instruments of righteous judgment and learn the highest version of Judgment Family Spiritual Effects available to them before choosing to learn any other Spiritual Effects. 

Because of their offensive focus on using their own strength to administer justice, Judges will not use Bless, Refresh, and Reinforce. They must behave as if learning them to advance in the related Families, but will gain no other benefit from selecting them.