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Preserver (Messenger/Ministering Spirit Discipline)

Preservers are Messenger/Ministering Spirits who concern themselves with the nature of things the way The Most High created them. They are deeply saddened by the corruption of the earth and all that is within as opposed to the very good state in which it once existed. They are sickened when their fallen brothers worsen the twisted conditions around them. They are especially offended at how many of the fallen elohim have chosen to reject the imagery they were created to bear and have chosen more open beastly imagery. The offense come less in the change of appearance and more from the choice of these bestial elohim to embrace and encourage harmful and destructive instincts and appetites of lesser beasts of the earth. They were created for so much more. 

Preservers seek to slow, stop, or even reverse the spread of corruption over nature. One way they do this is through the use of Presence. When using Presence Versions the Preserver pays only two thirds the normal Resolve Cost and gains the additional benefit of negating one level of unholy Area Influence.

Preservers gain Boon:1 to any rolls they make against Beasts affected by their Presence Spiritual Effect. 


Preservers must learn available Spiritual Effects from the Presence Family as soon as possible. In regards to Weapon Effects, Preservers will only use the Staff and Bow. They may choose a Horse, but will not progress to a Chariot.