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Warriors are very capable fighters and excel at employing practiced maneuvers. Their incredible Endurance is their greatest Attribute, followed by their superior Might. These qualities allow them to cause and also withstand large amounts of Wear to Endurance.

They also have access to more weapons than any other Order. The Warrior does not naturally excel in Swiftness and Control (Self-Control). These are not foreign to the Warrior, but they do take more diligence for the Warrior to improve. 

What Passion the Warrior has is mostly seen in battle. Make no mistake, however, they also possess a deep reverence for and loyalty to the Most High and his will. They know exactly why they are fighting and will never sacrifice pleasing him just to swing their sword a few extra times.

Warriors have a strong sense of honor and duty. Their strong Resolve enables them to press on, even in the face of their own peril. 

The Warrior has the face of a Lion. The Lion is representative of kingship. It also represents fierce courage and valor. The Lion is the king of beasts and protector of all. 

Martial Mastery, Martial Mobility, & Strength in Struggle

Warriors excel in the use of practiced Maneuvers. When using a learned Maneuver, Martial Mastery grants Warriors a bonus to Precision (or Guard, whichever is applicable) equal to the Mastery Level of the Maneuver. Multi-Order Warriors gain Precision (or Guard) equal to only half the Mastery Level.

Martial Mobility allows the Warrior to remain somewhat mobile while in Defensive Stance. Each Activation they are in Defensive Stance, they can perform one Maneuver without halving the distance travelled. Alternatively, they can add 1" (unhalved) to a single Move during that Activation. (Martial Mobility cannot allow the character to exceed the distance they would have travelled without Defensive Stance.)

Strength in Struggle reflects the Warrior’s toughness by reducing Wear related to Strikes received by 20%. Wear related to Strikes dealt by a Warrior is increased by 20%. Multi-Order Warriors add or subtract only 10%.

Strength in Struggle






-20% Wear dealt with

and received from Strikes

+1 to

Resist Checks

+2 to

Resist Checks

+3 to

Resist Checks

Multi-Order Warrior

-10% Wear dealt with

and received from Strikes

no increase

+1 to

Resist Checks 

no increase

Warrior Disciplines

After reaching at least Rank:3 Warriors can consider joining one of these Disciplines:

Warrior Seed Multiplier

Warriors' Seed Multipliers, meaning the amount of growth in a Basic Attribute for each Seed of Growth sprouted, are as follows:
Might          = x2.5
Control       = x1.5
Swiftness   = x1
Endurance = x3
Resolve     = x2
Passion     = x1.5