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Intercessor (Ministering Spirit/Minstrel Discipline)

Intercessors are Ministering Spirit/Minstrels who seek to stand in the gap between their allies and their enemies. They will try to intervene to offer protection whether through healing and bolstering friends, hindering foes, or a little of both. 

When using a Purge version, Intercessors can immediately use the Spiritual Effect on a second Target without paying the Resolve Cost for the second use. Intercessors can also sing Rejoicing, Waiting, and Thanksgiving Versions to greater effect, and gives bonus Levels of Effect equal to the Tier of the Version being sung (these bonus Levels of Effect may exceed the normal maximum). Psalm of Praise gives 4 Bonus Levels of Effect. 


Intercessors are not as concerned with stirring their allies to action and so will not use Passion Family Spiritual Effects or sing Zeal Family Songs. They will also only use a Staff Weapon Effect.