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An elohim can manifest weapons to use when engaging in War. These weapons are not actual items. Rather, they are symbolic manifestations that represent the means and motives by which the elohim Strikes their foes. These do not have to be sheathed and drawn, but rather can be manifested when desired. The symbolism of each weapon is described later. Melee & Mid-Ranged weapons can be employed in a variety of Fighting Styles including two-handed, single-handed, paired with a shield, and even dual-wielded. Fighting Style is a means of further expression of attitude and intent, and can be shifted during War. For the Warrior and Messenger the current Fighting Style determines which Maneuvers they may utilize.



Standard Effect 

Passion Effect 

Usable By 



12 = +1  Action Point (1/Strike; 2/Activation)

+10% Wear 

W, Me, MS 



12 = +7 Wear x Target's Tier (1/Strike)

+10% Wear 




12 = Falter:2 (1/Strike) 

+1 Exertion x Target's Tier




+1 Guard 


W, Me, MS, Mi



12 = Falter:1, (must remanifest if thrown)

+10% Wear 

W, Me 



12 = Falter:1, -50% Wear


W, Me 



12 = +10% Wear, -50% Wear

+7 WearR (-50%) 

W, Me 

Description of Weapons 

The Sword represents violent destruction brought upon others. It also represents the truth wielded as a weapon. 

The Axe represents cutting one off from their roots, or their source of strength and support. 

The Hammer represents a tool wielded to reshape through judgement and consequence. Hammer also includes Clubs and other bludgeoning weapons. 

The Staff represents dominion and power held in proxy, representing another. Staff also includes Rods and Scepters. 

The Spear represents power that pierces defenses and can be projected. If the Spear is thrown to Strike a Target outside Melee Range, another Spear or weapon will need to be manifested to make another Strike.

The Sling hurls stones that represent injury and destructive power. It also relies on great precision. 

The Bow and its Arrows represent swift, silent, precise, and targeted attack. Arrows are often associated with words and even sometimes given a divining quality. 

Range determines how far away the elohim can be from their Target when Striking with this weapon. There are three Ranges: Melee, Mid-Range, and Long Range. Melee Range is 3” or less from the center of one figure to the center of the other. Mid-Range can be used to Strike in Melee or be thrown beyond 3" out to 7”. If this is done, another weapon would need to be manifested in order to have a weapon readied again. Long Range can only Strike at a Range of 3”-12” from the center of one figure to the center of the other.

Standard Effects are general features of the weapon including an 12 Effect. A 12 Effect triggers once for each “12” in the Strike Roll that is not canceled by a “1”. This is called a 12 Effect. 12 Effects trigger as long as there are Hits, regardless if the Hits are canceled by Stops.

The Sword, Club, and Axe specify that instead their 12 Effect can only be triggered once during a Strike. Further the Sword’s 12 Effect can only trigger twice total from one Activation of a character until their next. It should also be noted that a Sword’s 12 Effect gives the additional Action Point immediately, even if the character is Striking outside of their normal Activation. The Axe’s 12 Effect still adds +7 Wear if triggered when Striking a Tier:0 evil.

Passion Effects trigger once if the Striker’s Passion is higher than the Defender’s Resolve. It triggers one more time if the Striker’s Passion is at least 40 greater than the Defender’s Resolve. The Passion Effect can trigger a third and final time if the Striker’s Passion is greater by at least 80. Passion Effects cannot generally trigger more than three times per Strike. Passion Effects trigger as long as there are Hits, regardless if the Hits are canceled by Stops.

Some Passion Effects cause the Defender to Falter:1 or to gain 1 Exertion for each triggering. Others increase the total Wear before it is applied to the Target. The Club’s Passion Effect still adds +1 Exertion when Striking a Tier:0 evil. The WearR from the Bow's Passion Effect is reduced by 50%, like the Bow's WearE, and is also increased by the Bow’s 12 Effect.

Some weapons are only usable by specific Orders or Mixed-Order elohim that include one of the allowed Orders.


Character Creation Notes:

The Warrior and Messenger may each choose two weapons. The Ministering Spirit may choose either a Sword or a Staff. The Minstrel’s only option is the Staff. In the case of Multi-Order elohim, any mix that includes a Warrior or Messenger can choose two weapons. Table 3 lists the weapons. 

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