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Post Mission Discussion

After each Mission or on occasion during a Chronicle (a longer storyline made up of connected Missions) there will be discussion. During this time the players and the Host reflect on the Mission or Chronicle and discuss the actions of each elohim, the elohim as a team, details of the Mission/Chronicle itself, as well as the performance of the Host. It is important to offer both affirming and corrective critique both freely and with kindness. It is also important to accept both kinds of critique gracefully. Do not think yourself too humble to accept affirmation. On the other hand, graciously consider all corrective critique even if you disagree with it. At worst it represents the way another has perceived your character and at best it represents the hard truth. The Host will guide the discussion. Afterward he will award any Honor and tell each player which of their elohim’s Seeds have sprouted. In a Chronicle, Honor and Seeds may be awarded at times without a discussion.