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Fledgling Ranks

Elohim that have more recently been called into active service upon the earth are known as Fledgling Angels. These elohim are still acclimating to fighting enemies and needing to discern how the will of the Most Hight might best be fulfilled in situations. This period is considered to be Ranks:0-6. Once an elohim reaches Rank:7, the fledgling period is considered to have ended. They will stand before the Most High or an Archangel to be honored for pressing forward into new experiences and facing enemies that were often stronger than themselves. During this meeting the elohim will be awarded with a few bonuses in addition to the normal benefits of increasing in Rank: 

  • 2 additional Social Points
  • 2 Maneuver Points, 1 Spiritual Effect, or 1 Song (choose 1 from options appropriate to Order) 
  • 7 Spirit Seeds (Spirit Seeds give an increase of 3, ignoring usual Seed multipliers)