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Shepherd (Warrior/Minstrel Discipline)

Shepherds are Warrior/Minstrels who concern themselves deeply with the accumulation and application of the prayers of mankind requesting the Most High's intervention. Shepherds will often be connected with a group of praying people who are ready to intercede whenever the Spirit calls upon them. These people may be a recognized group or may be only a few individuals who do not even know of one another, but they are most certainly connected by the prayerful petitions they make on behalf of themselves, people they know, and even people they do not know sometimes on the other side of the world. Shepherds wish to see these prayers bear fruit and bring forth the Most High's will upon the earth. 

Shepherds will only use a Staff and a Sling as their Weapon Effects. They use Songs from the Strike Family to bolster the Force of these Weapon Effects and increase the Falter caused by their Passion Effects. The Shepherd will also often sing Songs from the Sheep Family that focus on embodying the prayers that they have helped to cultivate. 

When a Shepherd sings a Song from either the Sheep Family or the Strike Family, the SPP they invest is doubled. (The doubled SPP still may not exceed the normal maximum for the Song.) They must learn all available Songs from these two Families before learning Songs from other Families. 

Shepherds will not choose to sing Songs from the Fear or Flame Families. Neither will they choose a Horse as an Epic Blessing.