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Seeds of Growth

Seeds of Growth represent growth potential sown into an elohim by Elyon. These Seeds do not provide immediate increase, but will provide growth in Basic Attributes once they are sprouted. Your elohim’s humble cooperation with Elyon in applying their Basic Attributes and/or learning from their failure to apply them allows these Seeds, their growth potential, to sprout. The sprouted Seed is then gone, having produced growth in that Attribute. This is covered in more detail in Sprouting Seeds.


Character Creation Notes:

Your new elohim character receives 12 Seeds of Growth. 5 of these are determined randomly. The the player can assign the remaining 7 Seeds. If your Primary and Secondary Attributes have fewer than 2 Seeds, you must assign Seeds to them until each have at least 2 Seeds. The rest can be assigned in any way you choose. The random 5 Seeds are intended to simulate the way Elyon often chooses for us to grow in areas we may not have chosen by ourselves.

Roll 5d6. Each die will represent a Seed in a Basic Attribute. Use the number rolled on that die to determine which Attribute the Seed goes to. 1 is Might. 2 is Swiftness. Continue down in order ending with 6 being Passion. After these are rolled, you may add 7 more Seeds, dividing them however you choose. 

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