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Dancer (Minstrel Discipline)

Dancers are Minstrels who express themselves in dance as well as song. This additional expression supplements the Passion they pour into their singing. When a Dancer dances, he gains 1 SPP for every 10 Control he has in excess of what is needed to support the total Complexity of Songs being sung to invest into those Songs. (Minimum of +1 SPP. This does not allow the Dancer to exceed normal maximum Passion investments for Songs.) This bonus does not apply if the Dancer is Faltering during the entire Activation in which they begin to Sing or continues Ongoing Songs. If Faltering their entire first Activation, the Dancer may choose to wait until a later Activation to begin singing in order to gain the bonus for dancing. This can provide a total of 4 additional SPP for each Tier of the Dancer. 

Because of the focused expression that dancing adds, Dancers cannot layer Songs that are of different Families while dancing. Additionally, Dancers will not sing Songs in the Flame, Sheep, or Strike Families. Dancers will not choose a Horse as an Epic Blessing. Dancers will also not manifest a Weapon Effect. When Striking without one, however, they have: Standard Effect: 2 Action Point Strike; Passion Effect: +2 Force. 

Dancer’s focused expression also adds to certain Social Interactions they or their allies perform or Targets within 12" of the Dancer. This bonus varies depending on the Family being sung by the Dancer currently and are as follows: 


Cry Family = +1 Skill to friendly Excite Ally on Target's within Range
Fear Family = +1 Skill to friendly Excite Enemy within Range
Psalm Family = +1 to all friendly Composures within Range
Rebuke Family = +2 Skill to friendly Aim Enemy on Song Target(s)
Sleep Family = +1 Skill to friendly Subdue Enemy within Range
Speed Family = +1 Skill to friendly Excite Ally & Subdue Enemy within Range
Verity Family = +1 Skill to friendly Subdue Enemy within Range
Zeal Family = +1 Skill to friendly Excite Ally within Range