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Zealot (Warrior Discipline)


Zealots are very passionate Warriors who focus and build their Passion to great effect against their enemies. When the word zeal is mentioned in scripture, someone dies shortly thereafter. This is not much different in the spiritual realm. This is not blind anger, but an intense Passion for the Zealot’s purpose. In the examples referred to in scripture, there was usually an accompanying statement of a human or Elyon saying, “See my zeal for [insert object of zeal here]!” and after that the violence took place. Zealots are so driven by their Passion that whenever their Passion exceeds their Endurance, their Stamina is derived from their Passion instead. Additionally, Zealots gain +2 Skill for Self-Targeted Excite Interactions.

  • Fervor

    • +1/10 Natural Passion with each Strike

    • add Passion equal to WearE taken

    • maximum Passion gained from Fervor equal to Natural Passion amount 

    • +1 Speed if there is any Passion gained from Fervor

    • +2 Speed once Fervor Passion exceeds half of Natural Passion

    • +3 Speed once Fervor Passion is at maximum

  • +2 Skill to Self-Targeted Excite Interactions

With each Strike the Zealot performs against an enemy, he immediately gains an increase to his Passion equal to 1/10th of his Natural Passion. The Zealot also increases his Passion equal to any WearE he suffers. The Passion bonuses will continue to accumulate until the total bonus is equal to the Zealot's Natural Passion. While the Zealot’s Passion is increased in these ways, he gains +1 Speed. Once the bonus reaches at least half of his Natural Passion, he gains +2 Speed. Finally, when his Passion bonus reaches maximum, the Zealot's Speed bonus is increased to +3 Speed. These bonuses will slowly subside after the current Conflict situation ends until completely gone or another Conflict begins. Even a full bonus will be gone within an hour. 


Zealots forgo concern for their own defense and will only employ Weapon Effects in a “Two-Handed” Fighting Style. They may assume Defensive Stance when they deem necessary, but will not usually prefer to do so.