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Field Commander (Warrior/Messenger Discipline)

Field Commanders are Warrior/Messengers who focus on leading others during War. Field Commanders are wise in the ways of War. They offer strategies to their allies as well as fighting fluidly themselves, using all tools at their disposal. 

As stated, Field Commanders are fluid combatants. They can switch from one Fighting Style and/or Weapon Effect to another using no Action Points, but by simply executing a Maneuver from the desired Fighting Style. They also are well versed in Maneuvers, gaining one and a half Maneuver Mastery Points each Rank rather than the usual one Maneuver Point. (The half Maneuver Point is a place holder like the half point when sprouting Seeds of Growth and effectively gains one extra Maneuver Point every 2nd Rank. Also, the increased rate is applied retroactively as if the Field Commander had always been gaining Maneuver Mastery Points at this rate. This may give a new Field Commander a few points to spend all at once.)

Field Commanders can share their wealth of Martial Maneuvers with their allies. Field Commanders can allow any ally within 7” of themselves to utilize any Maneuver the Field Commander has mastered.

Allies can use that Maneuver at one Mastery Level lower than the Field Commander's Mastery. (This prohibits sharing Maneuvers the Field Commander has not mastered to at least Mastery Level 2 and does not improve from temporarily increased Mastery Levels from Items.) If the ally has already Mastered a Maneuver to 1 Level below the Field Commander's Mastery, they may use that Maneuver at the same Mastery as the Field Commander.

Allies can use any of the Field Commander’s Maneuvers at the allowable Mastery Level, regardless of their Order or the usual Mastery Level limits for Tier. They are, however, restricted by Fighting Style and weapon. For example, Forceful Shot still requires a Spear or Sling, and Rapid Flow and Twin Arrow still require a Bow. Shielded Defense still requires the character to assume a Shield Bearing Fighting Style. 

Because of their focus on group tactics and the larger battlefield picture, Field Commanders are not as focused on individual enemies and cannot make use of Trained Eye. They do, however, gain +2 Skill to Aim Ally Interactions.