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Watchman (Messenger Discipline)

Watchmen are Messengers who have chosen to dedicate themselves to keeping vigilant watch over their surroundings. They will most often be found at the top of the highest point of the nearby terrain, always alert and on the ready. In scripture, human watchmen could identify individuals and what kind of news they brought, even from a great distance away, simply by seeing details as simple as how the person ran. This is all the more true of those with spiritual eyes tuned for detail. 

  • +12 Adjustments to Perceive

  • no penalties to perceive those whose Glory is Concealed

  • no penalties for Range when Perceiving from high point

  • +3" Range to Strikes if not Moving

  • may Parry and Disarm as Ranged Strikes

    • Parry may be used on Strikes targeting other characters

    • Parry adds 2 Exertion

  • Horn

    • heard out to 40"

    • Boon:1 to allies' Incidental Perception for 1 Hour

    • Excite or Subdue Enemy with no Range or Multiple Target penalties

    • Excite = -12/24/40 Resolve per Tier of Target for 1 Hour

    • Subdue = -12/24/40 Passion per Tier of Target for 1 Hour

    • Target(s) will have appropriate Social Dominance Points for 1 Hour

Watchmen have developed a keen eye and can easily identify others at any distance. They receive several bonuses when Perceiving. First, any Perception Check for the Watchman to Perceive receives an additional bonus of 12 Adjustments. Second, Watchmen receive no penalty to Perceiving those who have their glory concealed. Finally, when flying high or occupying the highest reasonable point of terrain, Watchmen do not suffer from penalties due to Range when Perceiving. They can Perceive others as far away as the Host determines practical in a given situation. 


Watchmen prefer to stay elevated and at a safe distance. They will manifest only a Bow Weapon Effect when in Conflict, but will also receive a bonus of +3” Range to their Strikes if they do not Move and are flying high or occupying the highest reasonable point of terrain. Watchmen can learn Parry and Disarm Maneuvers as if they were Ranged Maneuvers. These Maneuvers can only be used at Ranges greater than 3". Parry can also be used against Strikes targeting other characters. It does add 2 Exertion, however.

Watchmen receive a Horn Item that can be blown outside of War when evil has been successfully Perceived. This uses 7 Action Points and adds 7 Exertion the the Watchman. The sound of the blast pierces physical barriers and Dominions and can be heard at Ranges as far as 40". The blast gives Boon:1 to Incidental Perception Checks made on behalf of all allied hearers for 1 Hour. It also makes an Excite Enemy or Subdue Enemy (Watchman's choice) Social Interaction against enemy hearers with no penalty for Range or multiple Targets. If Excite is chosen, the effect is -12/24/40 Resolve per Tier of Target for 1 Hour. If Subdue is chosen, the effect is -12/24/40 Passion per Tier of Target for 1 Hour. Affected enemy Targets will also start any Conflict with the corresponding number of Social Dominance Points for 1 Hour. The effect does not stack and no additional Checks will be made against affected Targets during the Duration.

Watchmen will not choose a Horse as an Epic Blessing as their emphasis is neither on mobility nor Melee Conflict.