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King Priest (Warrior/Ministering Spirit Discipline)

King Priests are Warrior/Ministering Spirits who believe that the strength Elyon has given them should be used to defend their friends. Their primary concern during Conflict is the wellbeing of their allies. They have no reservations about putting themselves in harm’s way to protect others. They also intend to bring much harm to those who threaten their allies. 

When using Reinforcement versions, the King Priest gives +1 Guard to each Target. When using Easy Yoke versions, the King Priest commits less Resolve when adding additional Targets. The King Priest uses the lower Cost listed for the first Target as the Cost for each Target. 

King Priests are more than willing to get in close to confront threats. They will not use Bow or Sling Weapon Effects. Neither will they use a Staff, gladly giving up the Guard bonus in lieu of a more offensive option. King Priests will also not use Spiritual Effects from the Passion Family as they are not focused on stirring others but rather defending others.