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Peacemaker (Ministering Spirit Discipline)

Peacemakers are Ministering Spirits who strive to be truly at peace in all situations, practicing meekness and knowing that Elyon has all situations in His hand. Not only do they have this peace for themselves, but they also try to share this peace with others. 

All friendly elohim benefit from the 1st Heaven version of Intercession when they are within 12” of a Peacemaker. This is exactly as if the Peacemaker is using the Spiritual Effect on the elohim, but it costs the Peacemaker no Resolve and adds no Exertion to maintain and costs no Action Points to initiate. Peacemakers may also encourage others by empowering them more easily with Anointing versions. Peacemakers pay half the Resolve Cost for Anointing Versions. 

As part of their effort to promote peace, Peacemakers can perform up to 2 Social Interactions each Activation rather than only one. These may not affect the same Targets. Peacemakers also gain 2 Skill in Soothe Ally and Aim Enemy Interactions. 

Peacemakers choose not to engage directly in Conflict by Striking their enemies. Peacemakers are not against fighting. They know there is a time and a place for it. They choose, however, to focus their own efforts into keeping their allies as much at peace as possible in the midst of Conflict. (To be clear from a rules standpoint, it is possible for a Peacemaker to choose to Strike an enemy. It is so uncommon, however, that it would be considered noteworthy to ever witness it.) 


Peacemakers will only choose to use a Staff Weapon Effect and will not use Spiritual Effects in the Instrument or Judgment Families.