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Minstrels are the lead worshipers of the Armies of Heaven. They possess more Passion than any other Order. They pour this Passion into Songs that inspire their allies and challenge their enemies. Their incredible Control helps them sing more complex Songs or even layer multiple Songs at once. Still, they must pay heed as they are the weakest Order in Might and Endurance. 

Minstrels largely set the tone of the atmosphere around them. Their Passion is so great that some would say it takes more Control for them to stay quiet rather than sing. Elyon is the reason for their excitement, and they will readily direct their Passion against those who oppose Him. Those who are Defeated when facing a Minstrel often find they have been depleted of Resolve or Passion rather than or in addition to Endurance. 

The Minstrel has the face of a Man. Man is representative of Passion and potential. Man by himself is weak, but with discipline and faith he can become a conqueror. 

Minstrel Disciplines

After reaching at least Rank:3 Minstrels can consider joining one of these Disciplines:

Ministering Spirit Seed Multiplier


Minstrels' Seed Multipliers, meaning the amount of growth in a Basic Attribute for each Seed of Growth sprouted, are as follows:
Might          = x1
Control       = x2.5
Swiftness   = x1.5
Endurance = x1
Resolve     = x2.5
Passion     = x3