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Standard Bearer (Minstrel Discipline)

Standard Bearers are Minstrels who focus on inspiring their allies. They do this by reminding them of their commission through the Standard of the Most High that they carry with them. Waving this Standard in battle rallies their comrades around their common purpose. 

The Standard carried by Standard Bearers contains imagery that represents the mission that the Most High has given his holy elohim. It is not necessarily the same imagery on every standard, but all Standards serve the same purpose. This Standard is an actual Item and not a symbolic manifestation like the Weapon Effects used by elohim. This Standard is more unwieldy than a Staff and never provides more than 2 additional Guard when the Standard Bearer assumes Defensive Stance and prevents assuming Full Defensive Stance.

In order to Inspire their allies, Standard Bearers can spend the first 3 Action Points of their first Activation in a Cycle waiving their standard and adding 3 Exertion. When this is done, any elohim within sight of the standard uses double their own SPP when determining the effects of any Boosting Songs they are affected by this Cycle. When Standard Bearers are waving their standard, they are making a bold statement and cannot be in Defensive Stance for that Activation. Standard Bearers also gain 2 Skill for Excite Ally Interactions during any Cycle they are Inspiring their allies. 

Because of their aggressive focus Standard Bearers will not sing Songs from the Sleep Family. Also, Standard Bearers also will not sing Songs from the Sheep Family because they are more focused directly on inspiring their allies’ Passion rather than invoking the prayers of humans (even though those are often quite passionate in their own right). 


Standard Bearers can sing Songs that produce Weapon Effects. Flaming Sword replaces the Staff of the Standard with a Sword and the flag of the Standard with a trail of flame that includes the Standard’s art. Rod of the Lord and Iron Scepter replace only the Staff portion. When manifesting the Sling from True Stones, the Standard Bearer holds the Standard in their off hand and does not gain +1 Guard from it.