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Wrestler (Warrior Discipline)


Wrestlers are Warriors who have dedicated themselves to mastering Melee Conflict where their weapon is themselves. They seek to defeat their enemies through strength and skill, Grappling them into submission whenever the situation allows.

  • "Self" is their only weapon with Standard Effect: 12 = may Grapple; Passion Effect: +1 Exertion/Tier of Target

  • all Maneuvers function as if 1 Mastery Level higher than learned

    • 2 Maneuvers may exceed the normal Tier Mastery Level maximum due to this bonus

    • no other Maneuvers may exceed the normal Tier Mastery Level maximum

  • may employ Maneuvers from any Melee Fighting Style freely

  • may break Defensive Stance at any time 

While Wrestlers do not manifest a weapon, their Strikes do have Standard and Passion Effects. As a Standard Effect, the Wrestler gets +1 Mastery Level to any Maneuvers they employ. This Mastery Level increase does not generally allow the Maneuver to function at a Mastery Level that is higher than their current Tier would allow, however 2 Maneuvers can in fact exceed the maximum due to the bonus. Instead, the bonus is intended to allow the Wrestler to spend fewer Maneuver Points mastering Maneuvers and instead use those Points to learn a greater variety of Maneuvers. The Wrestler also has a “12” Effect which allows them to Grapple the Defender if they have at least one uncancelled “12”. For each Passion Effect level the Wrestler achieves, they cause the Defender 1 Exertion per Tier.

The Wrestler is a master of Melee Conflict and may seamlessly transition from one Maneuver to another without regard to specific Fighting Style. This gives the Wrestler far more options in the moment without the Action Point Cost of switching Fighting Styles.

When the Wrestler chooses to Grapple a Target, they become locked together in an intense Melee struggle. The Wrestler can Grapple a 2nd Target if their Might allows for them to Strike other Targets, but at that point their Might is figured at half for each Target.

Wrestlers can break Defensive Stance at any time. Since Wrestlers cannot use Ranged Weapon Effects, they may not utilize “Ranged” Maneuvers. Wrestlers also will not choose a Horse as an Epic Blessing, as it conflicts with their style of fighting.