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Wing Attitudes

Elohim can choose to display their wings in different attitudes. These attitudes are positions that non-verbally imply a certain frame of mind the elohim is experiencing or wishes to communicate. 

Wings Attitudes are:
  • Relaxed
  • Unfurled
  • Majestic
  • Humble


The Relaxed attitude serves as a default wing attitude. Remembering that the wings are symbolic and not functional, elohim do not tuck their wings flat against their body, like a material bird at rest. As such, Relaxed is the position wings will be assumed to held in when not intentionally displayed in another attitude.



The Unfurled attitude communicates presence and intensity of purpose. The wings are extended on full display.



When elohim are in formal settings with one another, such as in divine council assemblies, Parleys, and many interactions relating to Holds. In the Majestic attitude the wings are displayed resembling a cape. As additional wings are gained, the elevated stations of higher Tier characters is displayed as an extended cape with a slight train and then finally adding a mantle around the shoulders.



When elohim are addressing the Most High or in the direct presence of the Most High, they will display their wings in a Humble attitude. Just as the additional wings allow a display of greater status among peers, they are used to display additional humility in the presence of the Most High. The second set of wings are used to cover the elohim's body. The third set of wings are used to cover the elohim's face.