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Tier, Rank, & Honor

Rank is the the way elohim measure and reflect their overall power. Higher Rank elohim have greater strength. The highest Rank that can be achieved is Rank:49.

Honor is the means by which elohim get promoted in Rank. When they have accumulated enough Honor, they are promoted to the next Rank. As the elohim reaches higher Ranks, the amount of Honor required to before being promoted another Rank will increase.

Tier is a more overarching measure of status and power than Rank. There are 4 Tiers of elohim. 1st Heaven, 2nd Heaven, 3rd Heaven, and Archangel. These Tiers are reached at Rank:0, 12, 24, & 40 respectively. Unholy elohim have lost sight of heaven and care about what dominions the can secure for themself. They use terms 1st Domain, 2nd Domain, 3rd Domain, and Principality.

Magnitude is a measure of the weightiness of an elohim’s spiritual presence. This base Magnitude is determined by the elohim’s Tier (1st Heaven, 2nd Heaven, etc.). Magnitude affects the amount of influence an elohim exudes in a location or situation or within Melee ranges during War. Tier:1 elohim have a Magnitude of 1. As they increase to Tiers 2, 3, & 4, their Magnitude will increase to 3, 7, & 12 respectively.

Character Tier Base Magnitude
1 1
2 3
3 7
4 12


Character Creation Notes:

A new character will start the game as a Rank:0 angel with 0 Honor. This elohim will just freshly be sent to fill the role of a Watcher upon the earth. As they serve the Most High faithfully, they will be awarded Honor and will be promoted in Rank. When their Rank reaches certain milestones, they will also be promoted to the next Tier. As a new character, they will start as an elohim of the 1st Heaven, or Tier:1. As a 1st Heaven elohim, a new character will have a Magnitude of 1.