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Learning & Perfecting Maneuvers

As Warriors and Messengers increase in Rank, they can learn and master Maneuvers. Leaning and mastering Maneuvers requires you to spend Maneuver Mastery Points. Warriors, Messengers, and Dual-Order elohim that include either of those Orders gain 1 Maneuver Point each time they increase in Rank. Tri-Orders dominant in Warrior or Messenger gain 1 Point on the 1st and 2nd of every 3 Ranks. All other Tri-Orders and Quad-Orders gain 1 Maneuver Mastery Point on the 1st of every 2 Ranks. 

It takes 1 Maneuver Mastery Point to learn a new Maneuver. That Maneuver will have a Mastery Level of 1. To increase the Mastery Level of a Maneuver requires spending a number of Maneuver Mastery Points equal to the new Mastery Level. Tier:1 elohim can improve their Maneuvers up to Level 2. After this, each Tier increase of the elohim increases the maximum Level by 1. Tier:2 can learn up to Level 3 Mastery. Tier:3 can learn up to Level 4 Mastery. Tier:4 can improve up to 3 total Maneuvers to Mastery Level 5. These can be learned one at Rank:40, a second at Rank:43, and a third at Rank:47. 

Maneuvers are found here.