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Armors & Clothing

Armors and clothing are purely symbolic in Allies of Majesty. While weapons carry various symbolic meanings in ancient scriptural imagery, just wearing armor is its own symbolism implying that the figure is prepared for war. Clothing has more meaning that can be observed, but that symbolism is not usually related to topics that interact with game mechanics. The chief exception to this is Paul's reference to the armor of God in Ephesians. While it is fun to turn these items into real artifacts that can be donned (and you are welcome to do so), Paul is using symbolism to connect how humans interact with these concepts and qualities. Limiting these to tangible items that must be acquired and donned can undermine Paul's point by dissociating the beneficial effect from application of the principle behind each image Paul is painting. Also consider the fact that Paul's writing is directed at humans and topics like salvation as it is meant in this instance may not applicable to elohim.

Armor and clothing are another way in which you may freely describe things about your elohim character. You could choose a ceremonial robe to show their dedication to holy service. You could choose a plain white robe, to communicate their purity or humility. You could choose a full plate mail suit to represent their commitment to a strong defense. You could even change what they appear to wear from minute to minute.

This area is not limited by Order, though a Minstrel in plate mail might look a little out of place to others. If it is your desire, however, go for it. One thing to note is that, while not expressly prohibited, holy elohim do not usually adorn their heads so as to avoid any implication of submission or belonging to any but Elyon or inadvertent implication of vanity or shame.