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Watcher (Messenger Discipline)

While all elohim actively serving on the earth are considered Watchers generally, there are some Messengers who dedicate themselves to the task more specifically as their Discipline. These Watchers are committed to the purpose of bearing witness to what transpires on the earth and guiding humans toward the right path when they can. They travel to and fro observing, always prepared to give an account of what they have seen. Generally, Watchers will not rush to intervene in what they observe, but will attempt subtly guide when they perceive innocent error taking place. If something more drastic is taking place, they will either observe and keep an account, run to stir up prayer, or alert other nearby elohim of the urgent situation. 

  • +5 to Perceive and vs. Perceived

  • +3 Skill to Affirm/Aim Interactions when citing relevant truth and facts

  • Sword "12" Effect can trigger a 3rd time each Activation

  • Horse Form

    • distance covered is tripled

    • 1 Action Point to transition

      • may Move 2" while transitioning 

Watchers are skilled observers and also are adept at hiding their own presence. Their to Perceive an their vs. Perceive are both improved by 5. Watchers gain +3 Skill to Affirm/Aim Interactions when they are able to cite relevant truth and facts to strengthen their point.

Watchers need to travel quickly and are blessed with the ability to assume the form of a horse. This concept is derived from imagery found in the book of Zechariah. When in horse form, Watchers can move at triple the normal rate, traveling 3” for each Action Point spent to Move. Also, while in horse form the Watcher cannot make Strikes, be in Defensive Stance, or perform any action other than moving. It takes 1 Action Point to either enter or leave their horse form, but Watchers can Move 2" while doing so. When leaving horse form, the Watcher may choose to assume Defensive Stance and may manifest their Sword or equip a carried Item without spending additional Action Points to do so. Similarly, the Watcher does not have to spend additional Action Points to put away a carried Item when entering horse form.


Watchers are gatherers of truth and so choose to only use a Sword. The number of times that they can trigger the Sword’s “12” Effect is still limited to once each Strike but can trigger up to 3 times each Segment. Also, Watchers will not choose a Horse as an Epic Blessing as it conflicts with their ability to take on a horse form.